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hissing, bleeding, screaming, and singing
rabbits fall down in a hole
a hole through the ground and rocks and dirt
a hole through my heart and a hole through my shirt
a hole in the world

there's a hole in the world
and it's started right here
there's a hole in the world
dug in by tears
there's a hole in the world, and it's always the same
I know who's to blame
your little fucking self

a hole in my heart and a hole through the skies
not even God can see behind your lies
rhyme and reason, give me treason
I won't take this mutiny
your perfect world means nothing to me
give me mercy, give me faith
give me the breath you're about to take
I want it all
I need it all
this stinging love that burns within
feel it in your future sins
Come with me
Play with me
Share with me this world of fire
I'll show you mine, you'll show me yours
Watch me take you ever higher
you don't need words, you know the score

stop this madness, stop, please
you know I can't be one to tease
it's your fault that I feel this way
it's your fault that I sleep in the day
I'll blame you forever, there's no use in speaking
it always leads to screaming
and that both leaves us bleeding
and... I can feel my heart aching
and it's both you and me
cuz I can hear your heart breaking
and it's like a melody

see what you've done? do you see what I am?
I am still not yet a monster
but I am no longer a man.

there's a hole in the world
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Stephen Lynch
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I'm wondering why
we're flying so high
I'm wondering why
your hand's on my thigh
I'm feeling the rush
I'm feeling the thrill
you said you love her
do you want to kill
my heart?
my soul?
I swear you do
but I'm slowly not caring
that this is taboo
a sin's just a sin
we'll be forgiven
and besides, we are
just about to reach Heaven
we'll keep it a secret
something just for us
I know you can keep it
you're a man I can trust
I know I love you
And you know you love me
so this secret will last
for eternity
because when we kiss
we both feel the shocks
and when my hand's on your skin
both our arms lock
around eachother
and tighter still
I'll be here for you
I'll be like your pill
to take the pain away
to make the high stay
forever and a day
we'll be just this way
a sin's just a sin
we'll be forgiven
and besides, we are
just about to reach Heaven.
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Yet another pointless entry! Yay!

So LipBoy is being an asshole. Like, a real downright fucking jerk. I've been telling him from the beginning that I was gay, and now he's shouting at me for making it seem like him and I were going to date? Yeah, whatever. True, I did kind of like him, but I just can't get over the fact that LipBoy has a PENIS. UGH. And now he's all pissy because I'm dating someone else. A much better someone else. Someone who doesn't have a penis. And is much prettier. Heathus Christ, I can't do this!

My birthday party was lame. It was gonna be awesome, but... I'unno what happened! It just sort of... died. Which really sucks, because the party was really important to me(being my sweet 16 and all), but it was ruined! By what, I'm not sure. I had fun, yes, but I don't think anybody else did... *cries*

On Sunday I hung out with my girlfriend and two friends of ours. That was the day I had a horrible panic attack. I had to go home and curl up in a ball in my bed and cry FOREVER. I've been crying alot lately and it's been pissing me off. Ever since Sunday, I've been crying my eyes out and wanting to kill myself and feeling all around useless and unloved. It's not fair.

I developed a horrible migraine yesterday, and I still have it now. *bangs head against keyboard*

One thing that bothers me, is that people treat me like I'm stupid, retarded, worthless, etc. Yet when I point this out, they completely deny it, yet still act the same. People yell at me for being so insecure. Yeah, like that's gonna fucking help. But, on a lighter note, I did an excellent drawing of Bumblebee from the Transformers movie, and can now successfully hotwire my Dad's old car outside. (not very old, still has a full tank of gas, just got into a bad accident so we don't use it anymore.)

Hey, did you know that if you fall asleep in a completely-closed car with the engine on for more then 2 hours, you'll die?

Good to know, isn't it?
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The Little Mermaid
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Went to the dermatologist today for the thing on my shoulder. Guess what? It's not cancer! I'm so happy! Well, not happy, actually. Happy about it not being cancer, at least. I've been horribley insecure about my appearance lately, especially my weight. Ugh. Need to go work out. ALOT. In other news, I'm in love! Such a suprise. I've loved this girl for 3 years, and I sort have just realized that she's the ... no, no no no, I'm not going to say 'she's the one'. I hate that. But it's as close as it is. I love her so much. She's beautiful. And smart. And funny. And nice... at times. I love her! *twitch*

Working on my Bumblebee cosplay right now, will be sewing my Aladdin pants later tonight. I need to make a hair appointment to get my hair cut. It's too longggggg.

I'm depressed and hungry, but I refuse to eat right now. My body is lying. Help me?
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Goofy Goober Yeah - Spongebob
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Okay, so this episode, like, starts out with the theme song, obviously. It's a pretty cool sequence of animation, with Prime's Axe of Decepto-Destroying being waved around all over the place and shit. And hey, I've always wondered, why do they have lips? And teeth? And a tongue, for that matter? Jesus. Well, after each main AutoButt and Decepticock get their face-time, the episode finally starts.

With the Assrape Archer.

Unicron, kill me now.

So, this fat-ass limey Peter-Pan wannabe is on a roof and uses a little assarrow and slings onto an armoured car that's got dildos and shit in it, right? Because that's what the Assrape Archer wants. Dildos and shit. And I guess, like, the driver didn't hear the Archer's fat-ass SLAM onto the roof of the car, 'cause he just kept on driving. I mean, like, dude. You'd hear it if a 226lb man suddenly jumped onto your vehicle, armoured or not. Plus, his assarrows are made out of some high-tech steel or something, and they make this huge bang whenever they land, but oh! When one of the assarrows(the circumcision-arrow) cuts a hole in the top of the car, the guards inside are, like, completely shocked. "OMG IT'S THE OSSROPE ORCHOR SAVE OS BOTMON!'

I mean, aren't these guys supposed to have guns?

But no, they don't. The Assrape Archer is all like, 'Stand and deliver, old sport!' and fucking PUNCHES the two guards WITH HIS ASSARROWS. He shoots two of them, and they turn into golden fists and punch the dudes into the wall of the car. A golden fist? Wow. This guy really likes assrape. And then, with a million of his assarrows, the Archer takes all the bags of money(which have $ on them, so they're easy to spot), and ties them to his fat waist. Which gives him a horrible muffin-top. Ugh. So then he shouts his victory to the skies, all loud like, and thrusting his fist into the air and everything. Discrete, much? Finally, the police come to get him, and the AutoButtz. He jumps onto a firetruck that's speeding by, thinking that the police won't shoot at it. But it's totally Optimus Prime that the Archer is riding, not a firetruck. ...Yup.

So Prime totally pwns the Archer's ass, not before jizzing on a random car, mind you.

And now, we are taken to the park.

Powl's hanging upside-down, being all cool, just expressing his Earth-fetish by watching a little bird almost get fucking eaten by a cat. Luckily, some dude started taking pictures of Prowl, so the cat and bird got scared and fled. Everyone was like, 'OMG AN AUTOBUTT IS IT BEE? I LOVE BEE!' but no, it's just Prowl, so Prowl went away. Haha.

And, NOW it's to the AutoButt Base.

Everyone's setting up everything, Ratchet's plugging shit it, being the old white turtle he is, and complaining about the press coverage they get. But Bumblebee is all like 'NO FUCKING WAI DUDE FAME PWNS U ALL'. Bulkhead talks about breaking stuff for a bit, and suddenly Prowl comes fucking FLYING DOWN FROM THE SKY and into the room through a hole in the roof. I didn't know he could fly. What the shit, man? He stomps off to practice his Earth-fetish in his room, and Prime comes in and is all like 'Wanna grab an ounce of motor oil later? *nudge nudge, wink wink*' But Prowl just completely shuts him down and starts going off on his Earth fetish again. And, suddenly, Bumblebee pops out of fucking NOWHERE and is all like, 'Sorry Prime, this bot's mine!'

*cut to commercial*

More later!
* * *
* * *
Envy shuddered and nodded. "That's how this whole thing got started, didn't it?" he questioned as he slowly unbuttoned his leather jacket, letting it fall to the floor with a toss to the side. "It all started with just . . . . a little . . . . exquivalent exchange."

Greed smirked and gripped Envy's hips, pushing him back against the sturdy wooden table. Greed pressed against the sin as he latched his mouth onto Envy's neck. Envy gasped quietly and wrapped one arm around the taller homunculi's neck, slipping off the offending vest in the process.

" . . . Ah . . ." came the silent moan as Greed brought his hips down against Envy's, relinquishing a sharp bite to the pale sin's neck. Blood appeared on the surface of Envy's neck, and Greed quickly licked it up, sucking on the tiny wound.

Envy moved his hands up to the sides of the tanned man's face, bringing his own head up to capture the sin in a passionate kiss. Greed immediatly took control of it, his hands fumbling with the button on Envy's leather pants, which were quickly becoming uncomfortably tight. He slipped his tongue between Envy's pale lips, exploring the hot cavern and massaging Envy's tongue with his own.

Their hips pressed together as Greed hoisted Envy up to sit on the table, his legs wrapped around Greed's waist, pulling him closer. Greed broke the kiss with a moan, sliding Envy's pants off and dejecting them to the floor. Removing his own pants with ease, Greed lifted a hand and wrapped it around Envy's erect cock. Envy gasped and wrapped his arms around Greed's neck and shoulders in a tight grip.

" . . . I'm not suprised . . . . . that you d-don't wear anything under those pants, Envy . . ." Greed panted, a finger gently circling the entrance of the other sin before sliding in. Greed chuckled and continued to distract Envy by pumping his cock teasingly.

Envy gasped and shut his eyes tight, a small whimper escaping his throat as he felt the fingers stretching him. " . . . Th-they're too tight to wear anything underneath, anyways, Greed. . . . You shouldn't be the one to talk . . ." he whispered. Greed smirked and chuckled darkly, pushing his hips up against Envy, entering him slowly. Envy grunted and shut his eyes tightly, gripping onto Greed's shoulders in a firm grip.

Once Greed was fully inside Envy, he grunted and bit down on Envy's shoulder. "You ready?" he whispered into the smaller sin's ear.

" .. . Y-You know you don't have to . . . ask that, Greed . . ." came the quiet answer. Both the sins were panting heavily as Greed pressed his hips up against Envy, starting a pace as he stroked Envy's member faster.

Envy gasped as Greed thrust into him faster and faster, hitting the right spot almost every time. " . . . Ungh, Greed. . ." he moaned, pulling the taller sin into a passionate kiss once again, tongues tangling.

After keeping the pace and quickening it for awhile, both sins started to loose control. Greed's thrusts became erratic and hard, causing Envy to gasp and hold onto Greed even tighter. "G-Greed!" Envy gasped as he came, collasping onto Greed's figure.

Greed followed soon after with a grunt, the grip on Envy's hips tightening before he let himself go inside of Envy's entrance.

The homunculi then fell back onto the table they were thrusting against, gasping for air. Envy sighed as Greed pulled out of him and turned over. "That . . . . that was amazing." he panted, looking over to Envy on the table.

Envy chuckled and sat up, wincing. "Agreed, but now I won't be able to walk for weeks."

"It's worth it."

"Yeah. Now, about the problems with the ring . . . ."
* * *
The Angel squinted, golden orbs fluttering open under dark lashes. " . . .Wh-what happened?" he whispered weakly, his voice muffled by something. Eyes scanned the bleached-white room. He struggled to sit up, but found himself being gently pushed back down by two gloved hands.

" . . . Edward, you need to rest." Roy's deep voice came, his dark eyes gazing back at Edward.

Ed looked around at his surroundings. He was lying down in a soft, hospital bed with Roy Mustang sitting next to him, staring at him worriedly. The Angel immediatly noticed he has a respirator around his nose and mouth, pure oxygen gas filling the plastic. There were three IV's in his right wrist, and two in his left. The Angel sat up tiredly and painfully removed the respirator from his face. "I-I don't need to rest . . . tell me wh-what happened."

Roy sighed. "What do you remember?"

"I remember Lust running i-i-in and yelling, then sh-she grabbed me by the throat . . .. b-but that's it. Then I . . . blacked out?" he inquired quietly.

The man's navy eyes widened. "Lust?" he questioned.

Ed gasped and covered his mouth with his hands, wincing slightly at the pulling of the needles shot into his arms. "N-Nothing!"

"You already said it, Edward. Might as well tell me."

Edward sighed and looked airily at the starch-clean ceiling. " . . . . Th-That's what she's c-c-called. L-Lust." he stuttered out, his gaze falling.

"Did your . . . boss, give her that name?"


"Wh-what, really?"

"Yes. It's her name. She is Lust."

Roy sighed and stood up. "This is one of the weirdest cases I've heard of." he stated, shooting a quick glance at the Angel in the hospital bed. "But, Edward . . . "

"Yes, Mustang-sama?"

"Before we stormed the mansion, were you . . . . were you serving a customer?"

Edward's gaze fell and he sighed, fisting the sheets in his flesh-and-automail hands. " . . .I-I . . . . I . . . ."

"I saw the wounds and burns on your back, and I'm suspect to believe you have them elsewhere as well. If you were with a customer, they might've not have had the time to get out of Central or out of reach, yet. We could still capture them."

The Angel gulped and clenched his fists together even tighter, his knuckles turning white. Closed, golden eyes started to fill with silent tears. "I . . . . I was with someone, y-yes . . ." he whispered.


" . . . N-Not a client."

A confused expression slid onto the man's face as he sat down on the bed. "Edward, you're not making any sense. Just tell me what was happening."

"I-I . . . " he whispered. " . . . I was with my boss. I said something that got him angry and h-he left the house, and soon after, y-you guys stormed in there. I g-got scared and locked m-myself in my closet. I c-could here people screaming and some shots go off, and around an hour later . . . . it became quiet. I w-waited in my c-closet . . . then you got me." he whispered, tears spilling down his soft face.

Roy sighed and paused for a moment, almost as if he was thinking of what to do. He eventually moved forward and pulled the Angel into a gentle hug. "Edward, please, j-just tell me the name of your boss. I don't care if he comes after me, Central, or even kills me. As long as you're protected, that's all that matters. Just tell me."

Ed finally sobbed, letting out the tears he was scared to let fall.

" . . . H-His name . . . . His name is Envy."
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Envy growled and slammed the telephone down on it's holder. "Damnit!" he hissed. "Lust AND Edward are missing! Why does the Military always take my best moneymakers?" he barked, dejecting himself from the comfortable red lounge chair. Envy flipped his green-black hair behind his shoulder and tapped his cold fingers against his chin thoughtfully as he angrily paced the length of his elaborate bedroom. After a few minutes, he hissed again and narrowed his amethyst eyes, grabbing his black leather jacket and running out of the door as he put it on.
"Master Envy!" a voice came from behind him in the halls. "Master Envy!"

Envy turned around furiously. "Yes, yes, I heard you the first time, dolt. What is it you want?"

The little boy whimpered. "M-Mommy's gone!" he finally stuttered out.

Envy grimaced. "Yes, she is, and so is Edward, Wrath!" he yelled, buttoning up his jacket as he spoke, glaring daggers into the boy's miscoloured skin. "That's why I'm leaving! Tell Sloth to hold things up while I'm away, alright? Make sure no one gets out until we figure out who leaked our locations to the Military. Understood?" he inquired.

Wrath gulped and nodded, bowing and giving Envy a salute. "Yes, Master Envy!" he said before turning on his heel and trotting off to find Sloth. With that, Envy sighed angrily and jumped from the balcony, landing on his feet in the lobby below. He steadied himself before getting back up and running out of the mansion, hideously slamming the doors behind him.

He ran up to the shiny black Cadillac and wrenched open the front door, sitting himself in and slamming the metal shut again. As the car started up, Envy swore to himself constantly, backing out of the elaborate driveway and onto the long, twisting road.

"Damn that Colonel Mustang . . . . . Damn Central . . . DAMN THE WHOLE MILITARY!" he yelled, veering out of other car's ways. Envy was never one to pay attention to the rules of the road . . . at all. He was certain that he had already caused a few accidents in this one little trip, even though the trip down to Central was never that 'little'.

The sin reached down and clicked on the car radio, heaving a relieved sigh. "I'll figure this out." he whispered. "You're going to be mine, Edward . . ."

But then, something very unpleasant was spoken on the radio . . .;

"A prostitution ring has just been discovered in an abandoned, broken-down mansion just outside of Central. So far, the evidence concludes that this ring was shut down a few years back, but had managed it's way to run up again. Authorities were shocked that they did not find out about this before. Seven people were originally discovered inside the mansion, but all signs of owners and/or clients have dissappeared. During more thorough investigation, however, Detective Colonel Roy Mustang discovered a young boy locked in a small closet in the backroom of the mansion. The boy, now recognized as Edward Elric, is believed to have locked himself in the closet after hearing the authorities storm the house. We believe this boy has vital information as to stopping this prostitution ring, but is in such a health condition that he cannot answer any questions at the time-being. If anyone has any comments or would like to share information with us, the number to call is 12337. This will take you directly to Central Precinct. Thank you for your time. . . . ."

Then Envy immediatly flicked the radio off again, his angry air resumed.

He pulled into the driveway of his destination and got out of the car, shutting the door. He inhaled deeply before walking slowly up to the door of the tiny, acute house and knocking on the door. The door swung open after a few seconds, revealing a tired, disheveled man with dark brown hair and tanned skin. He was wearing tight leather pants and a shiny vest with spiked fur laveling the collar. "I was expecting you, Envy." he whispered, a smirk lining his chiseled face as he let the homunculus in, shutting the door behind them.

Envy turned and crossed his arms, facing the man. "Why, I'm flattered." he said, his tone icy with only a hint of sarcacism. He looked apprehensivly around the house for a bit, then met amethyst eyes to deep, violet ones. "I am need of your assistance. As you may have guessed, our ring has a bit of a situation, Greed."

This caused the brown-haired man to chuckle darkly. "I'll sort it out with you.Of course, though . . ." he said, trailing off as he took a step closer to Envy. " . . . you know I'm not going to do it for free." he whispered, leaning in to Envy's ear and licking the shell of it.

Envy shuddered and nodded. "That's how this whole thing got started, didn't it?" he questioned as he slowly unbuttoned his leather jacket, letting it fall to the floor with a toss to the side. "It all started with just . . . . a little . . . . exquivalent exchange."
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Mustang's navy eyes widened for a moment. "But, Edward, if you tell us his name, we could stop him."
The Angel gazed up at him, his doe eyes filled with sorrow and fear. "I'm sorry, Mustang-sama, but you can't stop him. It-it's .. . it's just impossible. Believe me, if it took you this long to find him, it'll take you three times as long to capture him. And even then he'll find a way to worm out of it." he whispered, huddling in a shaking ball on the chair.

Mustang's gaze softened. "Ok then, how about we ask you later? You seem cold, let's get you cleaned up."

Edward nodded and was about to stand up when the door behind them burst open. A tall, well-developed woman with pale skin and dark, jet black curly hair stalked into the room and ran up to Ed, grabbing him and lifting him by the neck. The Angel gasped for air and struggled immediatly. "YOU LITTLE SHIT!" the woman screamed, tightening her grip. "HOW DARE YOU BETRAY US! WE TOOK CARE OF YOU FOR ALL THOSE YEARS AND YOU REPAY US BY REPORTING US?"

The man immediatly stood up and took his gun from out of his back pocket. "Let go of him!" he yelled, cocking the weapon and aiming it at the woman. The unknown woman had Ed in such a grip that she could kill him just by tightening his grip again, so Mustang had to be careful. "Let.Him.Go. Edward didn't do anything!"

The woman's face contorted into an evil smirk, her dark green dress shining in the starched lights. "Heh." she chuckled, staring at Ed. "You told this man your 'name'?" she asked mockingly. "You should know better than that, boy. You don't have a name, you slut. None of us do." she said as she lifted Ed higher, his soft hair almost touching the asbestos ceiling.

"Help! Get the DA in here immediatly!" Mustang shouted into the hallway behind the woman and Ed. "He has a name, and I bet you do too! Put him down!" he shouted, gun still raised.

Edward's struggling started to weaken, he was running out of air. The woman smirked again and listed the Angel higher, shaking him slightly, despite his own uncontrolled shaking. During the struggles, Roy's blue trenchcoat slipped off of Ed's slim shoulders, revealing a back that was full of cuts and wounds . . . and a few burns. Roy gasped, realizing that Ed was serving a customer right before they stormed the house.

"Let him go!" Mustang screamed again as three police officers ran into the room, guns pointed at the woman.

The woman just chuckled, then immediatly dropped her grip, letting Ed crumble to the floor. "Fine." she hissed as the three policemen handcuffed her gloved hands behind her back and brought her out into the halls, away from the office. "THOSE BULLETS WOULDN'T OF KILLED ME ANYWAYS!" she screamed after them, laughing manically. "HE'LL FIND YOU, BOY, AND HE'S GONNA KILL YOU!" The voice shouted, finally dying away with the distance put between them.

The man gasped and ran over to the Angel, who was unconcious. He gathered the boy up in his arms and lifted him up, again carrying him like he did when they left the prostitution house. Roy growled slightly at the scars that the boy held, knowing that he would never heal completely. Roy carefully readjusted the Angel in his arms before running out of the officeroom and turning right down the halls, towards the infirmary.

"You're gonna be ok." he whispered to the unconcious boy as he reached the red infirmary doors, kicking them open and looking around. "We're gonna save you."
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* * *
The car ride was very quiet and full of eerie silences. The man kept glancing over at the Angel, as if to check if he was still there, if he was still alright. Unbeknownst to Roy, Edward had his number of of glances as well.

"We are here, Edward." he whispered, taking the car to a stop and turning the egnition off. The Angel sighed, almost of relief, and nodded briefly with an unspoken bow. Roy stepped out of the car, closing the door, and walking over to the other side, opening Ed's door for him.

Ed smiled and shakily hopped out, stumbling clumsily into Roy's arms, which were already open, as if expecting the event. "Arigatou." he whispered with a tip of his head, wrapping his arms around himself in the process. The Angel looked up at their surroundings. A big, navy blue building hung before them, with about 50 stories from ground to top. A fair few people were bustling in and out, going through different doors and dropping papers as they went. Almost all of them wore a light blue, Military-style uniform. Each uniform was adorned with different pins and patterns. The Angel guessed that they probably significated rank and/or class. "Wh-Where are we . . .?" he questioned quietly.

Roy smiled as they walked up and into the two glass front doors. "This place is called Central, and this building here is the Police-Alchemy Division, the 5th Precinct. Here we get calls and cases of things going wrong, and we do all we can to fix them." he said gently as they walked down the starch-white halls that smelled cleanly of bleach and peroxide.

Ed wrapped the jacket around his small frame tightly, still clutching onto the silver pocket-watch like no tomorrow. "S-So . . ." he whispered as they turned a corner. Roy opened up another door for him, and he followed him in. In the room was a clean, ebony desk with a few mitskats and papers on it. There were two soft-looking chairs in front of it, facing the desk. "So . .. you guys are th-the heroes?" he asked, sounding very innocent and naive.

Roy chuckled and smiled, shaking his head. He helped the Angel into one of the two chairs that were placed in front of the ebony desk, then he sat behind the desk himself. "We're not the heroes, Edward. But we try to be. And believe this when I tell you, you are safe now."

"H-Ho . . . How did you f-find . . . us?" Edward questioned, his voice shaky with nervousness . . . and with fear.

The man sighed and folded his hands together "We got a letter. About a prostitution house down outside the skirts of Central. This was about five years ago. At first, we thought it was a hoax, until more letters kept popping up. One was about a boy who had recieved a letter from his brother. This letter said that he was stuck in a whore house outside of Central. That particular letter brought around even more suspiscion, since 15 years ago there was a prostitution house outside of Central as well. Many thought that it had found a way to get back into business, so we researched it. At first, we found nothing, until a woman came here and gave us the whereabouts of this prostitution house. So, Edward Elric, that's how we found out about . . . you."

The Angel fidgeted in his seat uncomfortably, looking down at the white floor with doe, golden eyes. " . . O-oh." he finally responded, partially lifting his gaze to meet Roy's for a fleeting moment.

"May I ask you a few questions, Edward?"

"Y-Yes . . . "

"How long where you in there?"

"S-Since . . . since I was 10."

"Do you have any family?"

"A younger brother."

"Is that all?"


"Has he been with you?"

"No. I was kidnapped."

"Are you the one who sent us the first letter?"


"Did you send your brother the other letter?"


"How old were you when you were kidnapped, Edward?"

"I was ten."

"Did your boss immediatly set you as a child prostitute?"


"Hmm. What is your bosse's name?"

"I cannot tell you that, Mustang-sama."

The man's eyes widened. The Angel had been answering his questions so easily and calmly, but the last one had seemed to really shake the Angel up. Edward was still a frightfull wreck, shaking and glancing nervously around the room. "Why can't you tell me this, Edward?"

There was another eerie pause before the Angel finally answered.

"Because he'd kill me."
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